VastPark tools go public!

Very recently the entire toolset for VastPark went live over at!

Included in the current toolset:

Creator 0.9 Beta 3
– Like Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG for HTML, the Creator is the WYSIWYG for IMML. Allows users to create virtual experiences very rapidly and deploy them in a variety of ways

Browser 0.9 Alpha
– Used to view the virtual experiences (parks) built in the Creator and hosted on VastServer

VastServer Alpha
– Hosts IMML for consumption by the Browser, manages multi-user interaction, uses very little resources and can be hosted on any Windows PC (XP SP2 and above)

Viewer Alpha
– Used to view ParkPak files, which are self-contained virtual experiences. Want to do a 3D presentation using VastPark? Use a ParkPak to remove the risk that internet access may be down where you are presenting 🙂

Asset Publisher Alpha
– Finally, those eagerly awaiting being able to use their own content can do so! The asset publisher allows content creators to publish content online quickly and easily.


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