VastPark VNC Plugin

After some recent improvements to the core VastPark framework and the way textures are made available to the plugin API, I decided to build a VNC plugin for VastPark, basing it upon VncSharp. For those of you know don’t know what VNC is, there’s a good overview of it available on Wikipedia.

In it’s simplest form the IMML for the VNC Plugin will look something like this:

<Plugin Name="VncPlugin" Enabled="True" 
	<Element Name="TargetElement"/>
	<Element Name="OnPasswordRequired"/>
	<Parameter Key="Uri" Value=""/>
	<Parameter Key="Port" Value="5900"/>
 	<Parameter Key="PasswordRequired" Value="OnPasswordRequired"/>
<Script Name="OnPasswordRequired">
    function main(obj, args)
        vncplugin:setpassword('pass') --hardcoding password is bad, you should ask the user to enter one!
<Primitive Type="Box" Name="TargetElement" Size="1,1,1"/>

Here’s one I prepared earlier (well, Adrian did most of the work…):


Plugin Parameters


The host address of the VNC server. You should avoid using the scheme at the start of this address (ie: don’t put the http://)


Defaults to the VNC default of 5900


Name of a Script/Timeline/other ITimelineExecutable element to execute when a VNC connection has failed


Name of a Script/Timeline/other ITimelineExecutable element to execute when a password is required to connect to the VNC server


The number of milliseconds to wait before automatically refreshing the remote screen when ManualUpdate is false. Defaults to 500.


True/False. When true, you need to call the vncplugin:requestupdate(true) for a fullscreen update. Defaults to False

You can download an example IMML document here: basic-vnc.imml and view the source code for the VNC Plugin over here:

A good free windows VNC Server is TightVNC


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