VastPark Platform 0.98 Released

Along with a fresh look for, the 0.98 versions of the Player, Creator, Publisher and Server have been released. This will be the final DirectX only version of the platform as we move towards 1.0

What’s included in 0.98?

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop allows the user to drag an Item from the Items list into the 3D space. This Item can then be interrogated via script or plugin and an action can occur based on the developer listening to the DragEnter, DragDrop, DragLeave triggers in IMML.

The benefits of this can be extensive, from dynamic presentations with multiple presenters able to drag out their presentation on demand to injecting new content into the scene.

Note: This Items list is populated by the Metaforik index. You can get content into this index using the Publisher application (you must have a publisher account!) which supports Models, Video, Audio, etc, but currently doesn’t support the type “Document”.

Simplified UI

Feedback was received that the UI for the Player was a little complex, so we’ve introduced a menu and removed much of the clutter from the tray area. All of the functionality previously accessible from the tray is now found under the menu at the top of the application.

The address bar now has back, forward and refresh buttons as well as a new icon that indicates the health of the current document and an icon that appears when content is loading in the background.

The debug dialog has been slightly tweaked and simplified also, note that debug rendering options now appear under the menu View -> Render. By default, the LoadQueue tab is now displayed which is useful in working out what is occurring while you are waiting for a document to complete loading.

More of a focus on capture

Along with the support for Continuum capture, the Player now supports capture of screenshots.

Screenshot and Continuum captures default to being stored in your Documents folder under the subfolders “Continuum” and “Screenshots”. This can be customised by visiting the Options menu (Tools -> Options) and selecting a new capture path.

In a future release video capture support is likely to make an appearance as we aim to provide a variety of ways to capture the experience within the Player.

Search Syntax

Some slightly more advanced searching ability is included in the Player’s Item list and follows this syntax:

[type:itemType] [publisher:nameOfPublisher] [tags:tag1, tag2, etc]

Some valid searches that follow this syntax are:

Crate type:Model publisher:craigomatic
– Finds all Model items published by craigomatic that have a name like “Crate”

– Finds all items that have a name like “Crate”

– Finds all items of the type Document

0.98 Platform Changelog

Download link:


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