Recent changes to the VastPark SVN structure

Recently we decided to do some repository reorganisation to make life easier for new developers wanting to tinker with the open source code for VastPark. This involved quite a bit of thought and a substantial amount of effort to migrate towards (actually, we’re still in the process of migrating some of the code) but we are already seeing the benefits of a cleaner structure.

The structure

As you will notice from the image above, we’ve gone with a multi-repository approach. This has a number of benefits for us internally, such as less duplication of files, as well as for those externally in that we can lock the public repository to specific external revisions to avoid pushing out code which might break compatibility.

Lib repository

Contains mainly third party source and binaries that we make use of in the platform.

Common repository

Contains the public source code for the VastPark libraries as well as VastPark developed specifications such as IMML, Metaforik and Continuum

Public repository

Externals common and lib repositories and sample projects developers can use to understand how the system works. It’s recommended that external developers work off the public trunk

Legacy code

Two quick points on some legacy issues to be aware of:

Getting the source

Using a subversion client, SVN checkout from:

Be sure to enable externals or you will find only a fraction of the source code will be downloaded.

Happy coding! I’m interested to hear how simple it is to get up and running with the source code. Comments both positive and negative are welcomed on this.


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