Plugin Framework available via NuGet

After a recent visit to Las Vegas for MIX11 (which was excellent btw) I was taken by the usefulness of NuGet and decided it was time to contribute a package into the main feed.

I’ve been developing a plugin framework, imaginatively named VastPark.PluginFramework which I hope to eventually massage into a really convenient MVC framework.

As it stands today it is a useful time saving library to be familiar with and I’d recommend all VastPark plugin developers make use of it.

1. Install NuGet

This has been covered in detail elsewhere and chances are you already have it installed as it is included in MVC3.

Visit the CodePlex documentation site here for a simple install guide.

2. Create a new plugin project in Visual Studio

As per usual, create a new project in Visual Studio:

Note: It’s best to go with .NET Framework 3.5 as the target framework, the client applications are built against this version of the .NET framework.

3. Add package reference to VastPark.PluginFramework

Right-click References and choose the shiny Add Library Package Reference button:

Next perform a search for ‘VastPark’:

Click install to download the package and have it magically added to your project.

You should now see some additional assemblies referenced and a blueprint.xml file included in your project:

4. Code your plugin!

Sit back for a moment to ponder the awesome of NuGet, then get on with coding your plugin 🙂

See here for the NuGet package page:


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