VastPark 0.83.5 released

A minor update of VastPark was released yesterday that brings improvements to the scripting and fixes some minor bugs in the creator, official changelog:

Get the download over at

VastPark in the Press

A few little news articles have started to appear online mentioning VastPark, here’s a list of a few that I know of:

VastPark Release 0.83…released!

Update 20/04/2007: Another build, 0.83.1 is now online that adds some minor new features and fixes some annoying bugs from the 0.83 release.

The “best release thus far” of VastPark has been released online at the official VastPark download page. A number of improvements appear in this version, most notably in the scripting department.

New plugin and script functionality:

wiki link

Allows input to be mapped from the keyboard when activated and a script attached to that mapping. One great example of this is in the recently released Rumpus Room by ashepherd and The Pianist by yours truly

wiki link

Allows sounds to be preloaded from a web resource and referenced within a site. Used extensively in the Rumpus Room site and The Pianist

New Scripting object:

Scene object
wiki link

The heart of all VastPark operations. Contains functionality to Show, Hide, FadeIn, FadeOut the site, store and retrieve cookies for the site, GenerateBox, GenerateSphere, GenerateCylinder, GenerateCone entities for addition to the scene as required, as well as a host of other properties such as the User and UI objects.

Useful code:


e = Scene.GenerateBox(vDim, vPos)
e.Visible = false

Scene.User.Position = Vector(10,10,10)
Scene.User.Rotation = Vector(90,0,0)

Deprecated Functionality:


See the VastPark Wiki for full details on the new scripting changes and the VastPark Download page to get the new release.

The Pianist     Rumpus Room

VastPark Release 0.82 Online

After another short sharp and sweet development session, the next release of VastPark has been made available online. Its recommended that any previous sites which have been built are reopened in the Creator and republished online to take the most advantage of this release.

Changelog from the official VastPark website:

  • Added tabbed interface to the Creator
  • Fixed some entity selection issues in the Creator
  • Fixed issue that prevented custom screenshots being used when publishing in the Creator
  • Added OnCollision functionality
  • Removed OnFrameRendered functionality
  • Fixed some issues with poor physics performance in the Browser

Login and download the new release from here:

VastPark 0.82 Download

VastPark 0.81 Released

A brand new release of VastPark has just surfaced online. Lots of improvements in this one, particularly from a scripting point of view. Its now possible to create an online photoslider quite quickly and easily using the Slider plugin. (Im going to use this functionality in my next revision of VietPark very soon)

For the full list of changes and the download, visit the official VastPark download page over at

VastPark enters early beta stage

Version 0.80 of VastPark has just been released to the public in an early beta stage. After a decent period of time in closed beta, the team have decided to unleash it to the public in time to coincide with GDC.

You can signup for an account at in order to get access to the download.

Im really looking forward to seeing what the community can create using this technology. Exciting times ahead!

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