Here’s a list of some of the things I’m working on or have worked on in the past.



MetroFlickr is a Windows 8 Metro application written in C#. I’ve been using it as a learning experience for the new Windows Runtime that exists in Windows 8.



This is where most of my time has been spent for the majority of the last decade 🙂

If you haven’t heard of VastPark, it’s an open source virtual world platform built on the .NET framework with a number of open specifications (IMML, Continuum, Metaforik, LIXA, etc).

Read up on for the details.



The Immersive Media Markup Language, or IMML, was one of the first specifications I authored at VastPark. It came about because there was no existing alternative that fit the need for what we were aiming to achieve and binary serialisation is really unpleasant to edit by hand.

Recently the project was shifted out to GitHub and the license became more permissive (MIT).



An IMML implementation for the Unity3D game engine.



Continuum is a binary file format designed to capture changes in state and is another specification that I authored at VastPark.

The Continuum file format is useful in industries such as virtual worlds, stock markets, online auctions or any other area where being able to capture and then playback something that occurred for analysis is useful.



I created this out of the need for something lightweight to edit IMML that supports schema validation.

Robby Ingebretsen was nice enough to allow me to repurpose his excellent work on Kaxaml and I’m quite happy with the way it came together.

Lua Interface


We’ve been using LUA in VastPark since the very early days. Originally created by Fabio Mascarenhas, then maintained by Kevin Hester for a few years before I took over the reigns. While I have very little time to spend on this project, the community does still offer the occasional patch.

Older projects

XAML Image Browser


When I first got started with WPF, I needed to find a way to view XAML images quickly and easily, there was nothing around at the time so I quickly hacked out something to suit the purpose.