XAML Image Browser

After my entrance into the wonderful world of WPF, I came to the realisation that WPF apps should probably use XAML-based images for greatest flexibility. So I began a bit of a search on the web for supporting tools.

Two good exporters I came across were:

I also found some really good free vector art:

Using the exporters, I now had a good stockpile of XAML to use in my applications!

But I had a bit of a dilemma – these source XAML files wont preview in explorer and take too long to appear in IE/XAML pad.

So rather than looking at something like this in Explorer:

XAML in Explorer

…XAML Image Browser was born:

XAML Image Browser


  1. Download the zip, extract the contents wherever you like
  2. Run XamlImageBrowser.exe
  3. Click the elipsis button (“…”) and browse to the folder that contains your XAML images and press open
  4. A preview of all the XAML in that directory should appear shortly!

Known issues:

Revision history:

Version 0.2 – 1st July 2007

Added “smart copy” option to allow for custom copying of xaml with the following features:

Version 0.1 – 27th May 2007
Initial release

Download XAML Image Browser Version 0.2

Disclaimer: The software is provided AS IS and I accept no responsibility for any issues arising as a result of using it.

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